How Italy’s ‘Pregnant Women’ meme is trending

Football Italian – 1:30pm CET: Milan-Juventus match kicks off.

Juventus’ 4-1 win over Juventus at the Stadio San Paolo last week, sparked a meme that went viral on social media with the caption: “Pregame is a lot different from the pre-match”.

The team’s captain, Simone Zaza, told the media after the match that it was “very hard” to watch the game because “everyone is pregnant”.

Zaza said the game was “like a game of ping pong” as “all the babies are playing”.

She added that “it is a very emotional moment”.

Cat Pregnant Woman, Old Woman Pregampers to Feed Cats

The cat in question is pregnant, but not quite ready to give birth, and her pregnancy is apparently a cause for concern for many people.

A woman on Reddit was inspired to post a photo of the cat in a post about cat-related pregnancy issues.

The cat is holding her baby at the end of a post called “How to feed cats.”

The post was shared more than 7,600 times and has since been deleted.

The woman said that while she was pregnant, she noticed the cat’s belly was beginning to grow.

She noticed the kitten was “a little bigger and heavier than it normally is,” but the cat had a big belly and a normal sized kitten.

“She had a lot of energy and was very active,” the woman wrote.

“I don’t know how to describe it but she looked a little bit pregnant.”

The cat was now “pregaping” the cat to try and give her a baby.

The Reddit user said she took the cat home and was “overjoyed” to see the cat doing well.

The post gained some attention on social media, where many people pointed out that cats were not supposed to eat, feed, or be fed while pregnant.

Some Redditors were also disturbed by the fact that the cat was pregnant and the cat herself appeared to be pregnant, while other users expressed concern about how the cat would cope with her new life.

The subreddit catpregnancy has been deleted from Reddit.

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