How to use a GIF to make pregnant women pee

You might be surprised to know that a GIF can be used to make a pregnant woman pee.

The technique is known as the “pissing technique,” and it was invented by the University of Sydney’s Dr. David Jones.

Jones and his team used a technique called the “sack technique” to make urine disappear from a woman’s body.

It’s a method that can be taught to anyone, but it’s usually done by a pregnant female or someone who is pregnant and has had their period.

It involves inserting a cloth or paper towel into the woman’s vagina, pulling it out, and letting the water flow.

The woman then puts her hand on the towel and begins to stroke it with her hand, while she wipes her hands on a cloth.

Then, the woman begins to pee.

“The process is similar to how a woman would pee during pregnancy,” Jones told Gizmodo.

“If the towel is in the vagina and the woman has a tampon, then the water in the towel should be able to reach the vagina.

However, if the towel or tampon is in an area that is not directly touching the vagina, it should not be able access it.”

You can watch the full video of Jones’ explanation of the technique below.

In the video, you can see how a towel and tampon are positioned inside the woman to allow the water to get into the vagina without getting stuck.

Jones explained that the process of the “peeing technique” was originally done for a group of women who were struggling with a miscarriage.

“A lot of people would use a tampons in the bathroom,” he said.

“But what we did was we would take a cloth and roll it out so that you can put the tampon in the other direction.

The towel would come up and you would wipe your hand on that towel and then you’d rub your hand over the towel, and you’d do this until you got the water back in the vaginal canal.”

Jones’ team then used a cloth to wipe their hands over the towels.

The researchers found that urine returned to the towels and they could continue to wash their hands.

Jones said that he and his colleagues tried using different towels, but that the towel they used to wipe out the urine was too small to completely wash away the urine.

Jones added that the “woman pregnant two times” technique was more effective.

He said that the woman “would be able in about 20 seconds” to get a full bladder emptied and could do it again.

“It’s a little bit of a miracle, it’s actually pretty effective,” Jones said.

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