How to stop your baby from becoming a doctor’s pet

A pregnant woman who was worried that her baby might be a doctor may want to give birth to her baby.

The woman’s husband, who is a veterinary surgeon, had an unplanned pregnancy with the help of a pet that came to visit, The Daily Beast reports.

The man, who goes by the name “Bud” in the story, had a medical certificate from the state of Minnesota that listed the cat as his pet, but it turned out the cat was actually a vet.

The cat, which he calls “Lucky,” had been diagnosed with Down syndrome, but had never been able to find a home.

Bud told The Daily Show that the cat has been living with him since he gave birth to their son.

“The cat had a few issues,” Bud said.

“One was that it was just not very comfortable to be with and so the owner gave it to me.

Then it got really bad.

I had to take it to the vet for testing.””

Then when I got to the vets they were kind of shocked, they were really upset because they had never heard of a cat with Down Syndrome.

So they put me on a waiting list and I went to the clinic, which was a little over an hour away.”

When Bud’s appointment with the clinic came, they tested the cat for the disorder.

The vet confirmed that the animal was indeed a Down syndrome cat, but the cat didn’t seem to be a particularly happy or healthy one.

“I was like, ‘Wow, I guess it’s just not the best thing for the cat,’ because it was a bit sick,” Bud recalled.

“I had a little anxiety that I was going to have to take the cat to the hospital, because it seemed to be so much worse than the other cat, that it might kill it.”

Bud and his husband decided to give Lucky a new home, and the couple adopted the cat from the shelter, Bud said, adding that Lucky has been doing well.

“He’s really smart and has good sense of smell, and he’s been getting along well with other cats.

It’s kind of like a combination of a boxer and a boxer.”

Lucky is now doing well, but Bud said he still worries about what he could do to save Lucky from the conditions that might make it a bad pet.

“If I’m going to give my baby a good home, I don’t want to put him at risk,” Bud told the outlet.

“But there’s no one that I know that would be able to rescue him and take him home and raise him without getting a lot of help.”

Liz Sly is a staff writer at Ars Technic, and she writes about technology, business, and society.

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