How to keep cats pregnant

When cats come into contact with other cats, the most common cause of their pregnancies is exposure to cats that are pregnant.

This may be because cats have been brought into their households to help the animals stay healthy, and they are unable to help themselves, according to a study published online May 6 in the journal PLOS ONE.

This means that the cats might also have been exposed to the cats themselves.

In other words, cats might be causing the problems.

The study, led by scientists at the University of Copenhagen and published in PLOS One, was based on data from four Danish and one Norwegian study.

The team analyzed data from an analysis of the Danish and Norwegian cat census data to look for evidence of an increase in cat pregnancies among cats brought into households.

This could be due to cat exposure or cat-related health problems, the team said.

The authors say that they suspect that the increase in the number of pregnant cats in households could be linked to cats having more offspring, which may lead to more cat births.

The results suggest that more research is needed before it is possible to definitively say what causes this increase in pregnancy among cats.

This study also showed that the number and type of cats that came into the households of cats with high and low rates of pregnancy is different for each country, suggesting that the reason for the high rate in Denmark is probably a combination of factors, including the fact that cats are usually brought into the household from the wild and cats are more likely to live in households with older children.

In addition, the researchers found that the proportion of pregnant cat cats in the households was higher among cats from wealthier households, suggesting a link between socioeconomic status and the likelihood of having a pregnant cat.

The researchers say their results support the hypothesis that high rates of maternal mortality in Denmark may be linked with high cat-cat interaction rates.

They suggest that this could explain the low birth rates among cats in Denmark.

“This study shows that cat exposure can affect the birth rates of cats in many countries,” said Dr. Lidl Bjørn Hjermann, the lead author of the study and a postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Zoology and Ecology at the Copenhagen University.

“These results support a causal link between exposure to domestic cats and higher pregnancy rates in the population, but we need more data to see if this link is causal.”

The study also found that cat ownership was not linked to higher pregnancy rate in the Danish population.

“It is clear that cat owning is not a risk factor for higher pregnancy,” said co-author Dr. Kristin Løkke Rasmussen, the University’s director of the Department for Animal Ecology and the Environment.

“Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that these results do not imply that cat owners should adopt or keep their cat.

It is important that we understand the potential negative effects of cat-associated health problems and that we learn how to prevent them from occurring.”

The team is now collecting data on cat-mother cat interactions to try and determine what factors contribute to the increase of pregnant animals in Denmark, and how to improve cat-friendly environments.

For more information, visit the Danish Cat Center at

Contact: Dr. Olof Bjørne, University of Denmark

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