How to get pregnant while homeless

A mum who was found to have been pregnant while she was homeless in the UK has said she was told she could not give birth while she remained in the city.

In November, Rachel Burden, 28, who has two children with boyfriend Adam, was told by a council that she would be refused housing on her condition that she gave birth on site.

Ms Burden said she had been “determined to be a mother” but her husband, who lives in the Midlands, told her she would not be allowed to stay in the town if she did not give him another two weeks’ rent.

She said: “I have a newborn on the way.

My husband is getting a new job.

It’s a bit scary but I’m determined to be pregnant.”

Ms Burds pregnancy was confirmed to have taken place in November.

She was told that her children, aged between nine and 14, could not be put in childcare homes as they would not have met the legal requirements for adoption.

However, she said that while she did have the baby, she had no intention of having it as her child would be a “disturbing sight” for her children.

She added: “There is a bit of an emotional and psychological barrier to trying to get this baby adopted, so I’m hoping to get an adoption order.”

Ms Grieve, a charity that helps pregnant women in poverty, said she believed it was a “serious issue” and that the local authority had been in contact with Ms Burd’s case manager.

She told The Independent: “It’s very disappointing and it’s very difficult for the local authorities to work with this issue.”

It is a serious issue that is very often overlooked.

“You need to know where you’re going, who you’re working with, and who you know and who isn’t.”

Mr Burden and Ms Burden are due to have a baby girl by mid-February.

In a statement, Ms Grieve said: ‘This is a very serious matter and we want to know as much as possible about what’s going on.’

The local authority are aware of the situation and have contacted Rachel to help them.’

We understand that Rachel will be asked to provide more details about her situation and we hope that she will be able to give her response in due course.’

Mr Burd has said he had been on the waiting list for a new home for more than two years.

He said: ‘[I’ve been] so focused on trying to be the best mum that I could be for my family and that’s what I’ve been trying to do.’

But it’s been a hard, hard road.’

I’m not sure if I can afford to stay.

I’m really worried about my health and I’m very tired and scared about getting pregnant again.’

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