How to deal with a pregnant Chinese woman

In the southern Chinese province of Fujian, a pregnant woman has been attacked by a group of people who shouted “f*** you” at her and demanded she undergo an abortion.

The woman told local media she was on her way to the hospital to deliver her baby when the incident took place, according to a report by local news outlet Sina.

She said the group shouted “F*** you, you’re a bastard” and “You’re disgusting, f*** you.”

“I didn’t know if they had the right to hit me, but it wasn’t right,” the woman said.

“They were trying to intimidate me, I just had to respond and protect myself.”

According to a statement from the police, they responded to a call for assistance from a pregnant women who said she was walking to a hospital in the city of Dazhong when she was attacked.

She was knocked down by a number of people and a passerby, who tried to intervene, but was hit by a metal object.

The group then fled.

“We don’t know who attacked her, but they shouted ‘f***er,’ and they tried to intimidate her,” the police statement said.

Local police told the local media the attacker was “a migrant from Fujian province” and was known to police for his violent behavior.

The police added that the suspect was later arrested.

The police statement was also accompanied by a photo of the woman lying on the ground with her arms and legs handcuffed.

Police said they have also identified and arrested the group, who are reportedly part of a group known as the “Hai Gang.”

The group is suspected of attacking more than 100 pregnant women in the past two years in Fujian and Guangdong provinces.

In October, two women were injured when a man attacked them in the eastern city of Zhuhai, the Guangzhou Daily reported.

Police also announced that the group has been accused of attacking a pregnant nurse at a hospital, and in October 2016, a woman was injured after being knocked unconscious by a man who attacked a pregnant girl while she was in the delivery room of her hospital in a residential area of Nanjing.

The police are also investigating a report of a pregnant man being assaulted by a “migrant gang” in Guangdang.

The report is yet to be made public.

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