What is Conscious Parenting?


It still amazing to me to figure it out how the brain system of the children works. It seems like it connects with a rapid speed. Every day there must have new neurons that connect with each other.  

My 19-month-old son likes to say “NO” or “I don’t want to”, lately. To be honest, sometimes I feel like he just wants to play with that phrases, to test me. As many parents do, sometimes I couldn’t control myself, and I was angry with him. It was so frustrating and it really makes me think “what have I done wrong as a parent?” and “why wouldn’t he listen to me?”.

Above picture was taken when my son and I went shopping. He just wanted to wander along and took everything that was on his reach. He even started to bring the clothes in front of the mirror and started mumbling, as if he was really tried that clothes, haha!

Wise men say that you need to meet a problem first, a thing that you can not solve, in order to seek a better solution. And I did. After a long neverending debate within myself, I started to search why and how to solve it. It was the time when I found the term “Conscious Parenting”

Conscious Parenting is a set of beliefs about what children need to develop and thrive. And as Conscious parents, we need to engage and connect with our children using emotionally intelligent discipline choices rather than punitive methods because the brain thrives on connection and empathy.  


That’s THE WORD. I keep going over and over again through that word. One word but very powerful word.

As a child, he is no doubt very pure, and maybe he doesn’t know what to do, say, and behave, yet. We can not push our child to do exactly as we want him to do. Children are “not an adult in a smaller body”. Children are children, whose their main task is to play. 

After I learn about conscious parenting, I start to give him choices on everything. And surprisingly, it works very well. Every time I make choices that he has to choose, he will be happy to choose as if that is HIS CHOICES and he proud of it. I will give him 2 options that he has to choose, and BOTH OPTIONS should be fine with me.  

Here are some examples:

When he refuses to put on his clothes after bath time “Do you want to wear the ‘horse’ t-shirt or a ‘Spiderman’ t-shirt?” or when he refuses to take a bath, I’d say “Do you want to take a bath with Mommy or Daddy?”, ETC.

Just try it first, I hope it will help you to communicate better with your children. No more bad days because your children wouldn’t listen. Please share your experiences in the comments section below. I would be happy to read and answer it if you have any questions.

Apparently, I started to become a parenting junkie 🙂


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