New Year, New Mind?


Who is that every new year must have a new resolution? And who is at the end of each year, when you look again at the resolution there must be something that doesn’t happen?


Hahaha, that’s really me. From each resolution that was made at the beginning of each year, there is something that cannot be done in that year which I couldn’t help but brought back to the following year. Well, even though there must also some points that succeeded in that year, it just feels like it’s not enough if it’s not 100% successful.

After I learned, it turned out it could be because I was too ambitious at the beginning so that it finally felt heavy when it was lived. Then I just dropped it. It may also be due to lack of motivation and less persistent.

Armed with the past experience, in 2019 I don’t want to make grandiose resolutions. I want to use the theme only. I set 1 theme for this year, namely:


So whatever it is, as long as it can make me grow, let’s do it. And be sure to document any of those things.

The year 2018 was arguably the year of trial and error for me.

I tried to be a full-time mom at home. Alhamdulillah, #Arsyanendra’s growth and development is also quite rapid after I was really at home with him. Even though the negative is also there, I feel still impatient for emotional opponents with him. In the end, if I was emotional, I ended up hugging him without saying anything. That surprisingly worked really well for both of us.

I tried and create my own MEP consulting business. Alhamdulillah at the end of 2018 it can be closed with a total of 21 projects. There are still challenges, from delayed payments to project cancellation. In 2019 I plan to grow my business and collaborate with other expertise. And start MEP Youtube Channel. Hope it will help other people in need of information about MEP. Be it about a system, workflow, responsibilities, etc. 

Wise men said that every time we want to get out from our comfort zone there must be challenges and consequences. 2018 has proven that. I am sure in 2019, where I will focus on the theme, surely the challenge will always be there, maybe even higher and more difficult to solve and pass. But I hope I will always be consistent to say yes to every challenge. If it will make me a better person as a mother, a wife, a daughter, and a professional.

Hopefully, I will be able to close 2019 with more and better achievements compared to 2018.

We’ll see!


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