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Dear all,

I’ve always wanted to share all my experiences of being a work-at-home mom professionally. Such as how I managed my work/projects, what did I do wrong and right, what to expect and to not expect from clients, and so on. But since this blog has already discussed specifically in motherhood and between, I decided to build another blog.

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Let me tell you a bit about my background from the professional perspective.

I am a master in electrical engineering from ITB, Bandung, Indonesia. Before finished my Bachelor Degree, I started to work as a freelancer in PT. Industri Telekomunikasi Indonesia (PT. INTI) Bandung for about 6 months and in Hasan Sadikin Hospital for about 3 months. I continued my study using a scholarship from DIKTI and joined Fast Track program. That means I can finish my study both Bachelor Degree and Master Degree in only 5 years study, while normal program will take 6-7 years of study.

After graduated as Master of Electrical Engineer, I joined Danone in Management Trainee Program. When other people need to do 1 year full of this program to be placed permanently, I got accepted as CAPEX Buyer from Sourcing and Supplier Department right away because of my Mandarin and French Language skills. At that time, having the ability to communicate in other languages beside Bahasa and English will be a plus since I will work with suppliers all around the world. With Danone, I learned how to negotiate, to be professional, to always prioritizing safety at work, to always follow SOP and ISO procedure, and to work in a team.

And then, I joined Arkonin, a local Building Consultant which is still a part of a Pembangunan Jaya Group, a large group I can tell you. And I fell in love with how a consultant works straight away. I joined Arkonin as an Electrical Engineer in the MEP Division. I learned how to managed projects, to explain our projects to clients who speak definitely ‘different’ languages from engineer language, to always prioritizing quality and time-based, to understand local Building Code, to always follow ISO, and to work with other disciplines as a team in one boat. I had a great time here.

Next, I continued my career in BECA Jakarta, as a building services engineer. It is part of BECA Group, the largest consultant company in New Zealand. Working in BECA made me even more convinced that I enjoyed my job as an MEP Consultant. I had the opportunity to work with clients all over New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore. Such a great experience and a great environment to develop my self as a person and a professional.

However, after having my baby in 2017, it had been a long debating within myself. You guys all know that consultants work knows no time. That means there will be a time when I come home late to my baby and I was very exhausted, mentally and emotionally. 7 months later I decided to resign. It was the toughest decision that I made since I love very much working with this company.

When I started to build my business from home, I was in complete doubt. I have no idea where and how to start. I was very pessimistic that woman can succeed in this man-dominated industry. However, after watched a series of Karin Bohn and her House of Bohn on Youtube, I slowly start to become an optimistic person and have a ‘just do it’ motto. Just to do it. And hopefully, the result will come next.

I have started my consultant business named DSIGNMEP 9 months ago. We have successfully managed to work and involve in about 21 projects. Such an accomplishment to a small start-up like this. Through, I’d like to document all my journey as an MEP Engineer and running the business from woman perspective. It is still a baby step. But I hope it will be a help for those who need it.

Together we can run the world! 🙂

Until next time!


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