Dear Kid #2 – Finding the One


Finding the one is a long and tiring journey since you may failed constantly. It is the journey to find yourself as well. To find what you like and dislike, to find what you can tolerate or not, etc. In order to understand why you met that kind of person and failed, you should set your mind in the ‘open’ mode, always. To be success is to not give up trying. You have lot of chances of meeting new people on the intersection of life. So, be nice. Don’t hate. And always try to look on the other side. There must be something you can learn from.

Heart breaks and it hurts I know, but let me tell you kid, it is on you to fix your own heart and learn to stand again. It may take a long time to fix what’s already broken, but don’t let other people do it for you. Your heart, your responsibility. Don’t let other people interfere your decision (including me). My advice for you is please choose wisely. It may needs thousand of think-rethink-consider-and-reconsider phases, but it’s okay. It’s normal and actually I’ll be surprised if you’re not doing so. In the end, you have to believe that there are someone out there who love you/will love you unconditionally. And if you think there’s no one who loves you, I do.

I love you.

So be brave. Don’t worry about small things, stay positive, and let the universe do the rest.
Good night, sleep tight dear.




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