Algorithm, Variable, and YOU

Dear Future Me Inspiration

Just read a quote that was posted by my used to be ‘kakak kosan’ in her facebook account. The time is so right, I even think as if she was speaking to me, face to face… Thank you, kak! Thank God!

Work with what you have. Little progress is still progress. Excuses only lead to dead ends. Procrastination is a disease, an addiction. The only treatment is to fight it and actually get shit done. Empty hopes are just an illusion. The world is constrained by time. Every second passes is permanent, there is no turning back and your time to play is vey limited. Life is like a source code and the universe is a function with God’s algorithm and your actions as the parameters. You are a variable and everyone else is a series of constant variables.they are pre-defined in another class and you can’t change them. But you can choose them to manipulate the function’s output. You never know how the algorithm works, but you get to define yourself and assign whatever properties and values you want. You are the master of your own universe. Anyways… Pfsh.. Practice what you preach.

Practice what you preach, ok kak noted 🙂
Thank you, once again, for this ‘slap’.


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